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- Power Flushing -

Do you know When you last had your heating system cleaned?Sentinel Jetflush 4

We at Pro Heat North East find that one of the most common causes of heating systems failing is largely  due to the build up of sludge and limescale in your radiators and boilers. Not only will this stop your heating from working properly, but from our experience will also increase your bills because your boiler will need to work twice as hard to heat your home. We can help with a full power flushing to eliminate any blockages and get your heating running smoothly again.

The benefits of power flushing

When you have Noisy boilers and radiators with cold spots and consistent boiler failures these are mostly caused by sludge build ups. A power flush will clean your system, Help lower your energy bills and provide effective heating for your home.

Power flushing can solve many heating problems

You may think your Boiler or Radiators are on there last legs when in fact  your system may benefit from a power flush. Contact us for a quotation or advice.

Full systems power flushed with chemicals from £399

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